Congratulations, if you’re here you must be planning a wedding. Now that you’re at the point of designing the decorations to make your special day more unique, you may be wondering what fabric is best for a wedding arch?

We have ranked the top three fabrics to use for a wedding arch in order. While they are all beautiful we factored in weight, price, and size.

#1 Draping a Wedding Arch with Voile 

Voile is my number one fabric choice for draping wedding arches or long flowy curtains. The reason why this fabric is so good for outdoor weddings is that it drapes easily, the width is double the size of any other fabric at 118″. Voile is a flame retardant fabric which comes in handy with candles and champagne. At only $3 a yard and rolls the length of 100 yards volie is a clear winner.

#2 Draping With Chiffon

Chiffon is a lightweight woven fabric with a sheer appearance.  

Chiffon can be relatively cheap depending on where you get it from. Hobby Lobby has chiffon for sale for as little as $5.95 per yard. Other sellers will sting your wallet pricing at 14.95 a yard.

The bolts of chiffon are 58″ wide and 9 yards in length. The only con to using chiffon is that its width is not as wide as using Voile.

You can buy one here for under $30

What is the difference between voile and chiffon?

Voile has more body than chiffon does and is sheerer than chiffon. Chiffon is usually made by silk and is known as a gauze while voile is a woven fabric and is made of  100% cotton, cotton blended with linen, or polyester. m

#3 Draping With Organza

Organza is also made from silk, but is much stiffer than chiffon. Organza has a lot of body and it is extremely light, so if that is what you are looking for this would be the fabric for you. Organza is the sheerest of the three fabrics and can come with a shimmer. I love the white snow shimmer organza it looks like a sparkling diamond.

The bolts come in 56″ and you can get a polyester version for around $6.

Now you have chosen the fabric its time to start draping!

How To Drape A Wedding Arch

fabric for wedding arch
  1. With two pieces of the fabric start by tying the length of fabric across the length of the arch. You want to do this twice so that you can create an X with the fabric.
  2. Wind the excess fabric around the length of the supporting vertical pillars.the excess tulle around and down each of the bamboo or other support poles and secure it.
  3. Stretch open lengths of fabric across the “roof,” tacking them to the top of each corner pole. The filmy overhead cover creates a shady shelter for a table to hold flowers, a protected candle or other items for the ceremony.
  4. You can add extra fabric to each of the corners to maintain the flow of the fabric.
  5. To make it a little fancier you could try adding flowers, ribbons, seashells, strings of pearls or crystals. Feel free to drape and twist them over your arch.

How To Drape A Wedding Canopy

A wedding canopy is the deluxe version of a wedding arch. If you are after a statement piece then this is the perfect set up for you.

Which do you think you will try? Let us know in the comments below.

Jadore Vanessa

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