3 Tensor Fasciae Latae Stretches To Increase Your Box Splits

tensor fasciae latae stretch
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Are you trying to gain more flexibility through your back leg of your box splits? Try incorporating these tensor fasciae latae stretches to increase your range of motion.

What Is The Tensor Faciae Latae

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The tensor fasciae latae performs the function of hip flexion and abduction. These actions are used daily one example is placing one foot ahead of the other, commonly known as walking.

The tensor fasciae latae also helps to stabilize the pelvis on the top of the femur (thigh) bone when a person is standing up straight.  An imbalance of the pelvic area may occur if this muscle is shortened or strained.

How To Tell If Your Hips Are Tight

  1. Stand with your back facing the wall and heels flat to the wall. The aim here is to have your entire back, head, and neck flat on the wall.

  2. Reach around and try to place the palm of your hand behind the lower back.

  3. If you have space then you need to work on opening the front of your hips.

How To Tell If Your TFL Is Tight

tensor fasciae latae stretch

  1. Place the back of your body to the wall again.

  2. With your heels, back, neck and head touching the wall take your feet shoulder-width apart.

  3. Try to press the lower spine into the wall.

  4. If you are succesfull that is a good indicator that you have tightness in the TFL.

How To Warm Up The Tensor Fasciae Latae For Stretching

Muscle fiber types are sorted into the physiological categories of slow-twitch and fast-twitch fiber. A fast-twitch fiber develops force rapidly while a slow-twitch fiber develops force and relax slowly making them a slow-twitch muscle.

The tensor fasciae latae is a fast-twitch muscle. This means that the best way to build dynamic strength is to use plyometric training. Once the muscle is warm then we can work on increasing its length through stretching and muscle flexibility.

Try these log jumps to get your body ready to stretch.

TFL Stretch 1

TFL Stretch 2

tensor fasciae latae stretch

Click here to view the correct technique for this TFL stretch.

TFL Conditioning and Stretch

Which TFL stretch was more intense for you? Have a better stretch? Share it below.

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