5 Refashion Projects To Try!

Since I have had so much time off aerial I have had a chance to focus a little more on my sewing. I love refashion projects because it helps me refine my tailoring skills. Here are five fun refashioning projects for the refashionista to try!

Refashion Project #1

I thought we could start off simple! I am a new seamstress and sometimes can get a little ahead of myself! Merrick is my favorite fashion blogger. She does amazing refashions and makes everything look totally chic.

We all have a lot of tees around the house and some that simply never get worn. Why not try her three shirts to a dress refashion tutorial here.

3 Shirts to a Dress Refashion Tutorial

Refashion tutorial

Refashion Project # 2

Men’s shirt to dress! Well, fashion blogger Freckles in April calls it a swimsuit cover-up although I would totally wear it as a dress. Especially straight after a baby, the line of a men’s shirt is flattering as it does not cinch in around the waist. For this refashion you will need a men’s shirt and a singlet or tank top. You can find the full tutorial here:

Men’s Shirt To Dress Refashion

Refashion Project #3

Men’s shirt to cute pinafore!! This is my absolute favorite of all five refashions. It is easy, trendy, and cute. It is perfect for a beginning sewer or the advanced seamstress who only has a few hours. Even better news is that it comes with a video tutorial!

Men’s Shirt to Pinafore

Refashion Project #4

Who said that overalls were just for the young girls? I have been seeing some really cute overalls in the stores but they are just a little short for me! So why not refashion a pair of jeans into overalls. You can find the full tutorial with Mary here:

Jeans into Overalls Refashion

Refashion Project #5

T-Shirts to leotards. Yes, you heard right. While Kristen made this leotard for little tackers that does not mean it can’t work for big girls too right? My recommendation would be to make sure you are wearing a sports bra underneath the leotard or simply sew one into it. You can get the full guide here:

T Shirts to Leotards Refashion

Refashion t shirts to leotards

I hope you enjoyed my round up of refashioning projects! Which one are you going to try first?

Vanessa xx.

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