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Looking for that slender summer body this season? Well, let’s face it: there is no great bikini body without a proper diet and regular exercise. So, if you’ve put on some extra curves during the winter, you still have all of spring to get your body into shape for Summer.

With the Corna Virus and the lack of open establishments at the moment, it can make it harder to get motivated and stay dedicated to your exercise regime. I know personally I need to attend a yoga class in order to get out of my head even though I am an instructor myself.

With that being said, these tips can help you achieve a great bikini body from home, but only if you’re dedicated and persistent.

Summer Body Tip #1

Strength training

Strength training for a Summer bikini Body

When you increase your muscle mass to your body composition, you actually burn fat. Most women are afraid that exercises such as weightlifting will cause them to bulk up, but that’s not the case. Females have far less testosterone than males and their muscles won’t grow that big, but lean and toned instead. That’s why strength training is a fantastic way to tone your muscles, burn more calories and have a great body.

You don’t necessarily need to go to a gym to achieve a good strength training work out. Depending on your starting level of fitness using your own body weight may be more than enough to start with.

As you progress you can begin to incorporate resistance bands and weights into your strength training regime. For a few ideas to increase your strength you can check out my circus fit guide here.

Summer Body Tip #2

Muscles need energy

Training for a Summer Body

The more muscle you have, the more energy you need. Once your strength training has helped you increase your muscle mass, it will help your metabolism run faster and, consequently, the body will use the calories you consume more efficiently and quickly.

It goes without saying that cardio exercises are important, but strength training is vital if you wish to lose weight. Focusing solely on cardio will not get you the results you need, and can give you that skinny fat look that nobody wants to train for.

This is why you need to work with weights and also eat a lot of protein so that your body has the building blocks it needs to add muscle.

Summer Body Tip #3

Morning routine

Morning routine for a Summer bikini Body

Plan a morning exercise schedule and stick to it. A good time to implement your exercise regime is to make time in the morning for working out. This gives you the right boost to start your day and fires up your metabolism to burn extra calories.

You’ll be able to accelerate your weight loss as your metabolism increases because your body will be capable of dealing with the calories you eat more efficiently.

Set yourself up for success by planning your morning workout routine ahead of time to help you get that banging summer body as quickly as possible. With a plan of exercises, your going to do ahead of time will avoid you missing areas and give you a complete workout.

Summer Body Tip #4


Eating for a Summer Bikini Body

No amount of workout will help you achieve your goal if you don’t change your eating habits. Diet contributes up to 70% of your body composition and the rest is exercise at a low 30%.

Get rid of all the junk food you’d normally have, say goodbye to fizzy drinks and alcohol.

I am a big fan of Elana’s pantry she makes health treats taste like they should be bad for you. Today she is a New York Times Bestselling author the go-to website for easy, healthy, grain-free, Paleo recipes, since 2006.

Visiting your doctor is always a good idea when you are looking to change your diet and lifestyle. In fact, there could be medical reasons that you may be unaware of that are increasing your body fat. Or you may not be able to participate in some forms of diet and nutrition due to illnesses in the body such as diabetes.

Depending on your size the doctor might recommend some effective weight loss products, that are right for your body needs which can help you get in shape more quickly.

Summer Body Tip #5

Train your body evenly

Exercising for a Summer bikni Body

Each woman has some problem areas, but you shouldn’t focus just on those. Instead, train all your muscles equally. Let’s say you focus on your abs only or your upper arms. You may see some results in those areas, but you’re likely to develop problems with your posture unless you train all of your muscle groups equally. Particularly important are the legs and glutes, since they are the largest muscle group in your body and can burn a lot of fat when they are worked.

Summer Body Tip #6

Make room for cardio

Bikini Summer Body

Though you should focus on strength training, you mustn’t forget about cardiovascular training. Your fitness regime should include both types of exercise because cardio exercises build your heart and the respiratory system. So, help your heart by engaging in exercises like running, cycling and swimming. You’ll burn a lot of calories and get that great summer bikini body you’re after. If you don’t like these traditional cardio exercises, experiment with mountain biking, Zumba or aerial arts.

Summer Body Tip #7

It’s more than just sit-ups

Smoking hot Summer Body

Very few women are happy with their bellies. Even if your stomach muscles get stronger, there is often a layer of fat over them, which you desperately want to get rid of. To succeed, you need to do a variety of exercises that focus on your entire core, instead of doing endless rounds of sit-ups. Doing planks and leg lifts to start toning that tummy. For a complete abdominal routine for beginners to advanced levels of fitness check out my abdominal plan of 21 core exercises if you want to tone and tighten that core.

If you follow these tips and introduce regular and correct exercise and change your dietary habits, you’ll have very good chances of finally getting that great bikini body you’ve been dreaming about.

Let me know how you go!

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