Flexibility & Contortion Classes

Contortion Class Schedule

Times in EST.

Mondays: 12.30pm – 2pm Contortion All Levels

Wednesday: 6.00pm – 7.00 pm Acrobatics

Friday: 6.00pm – 7.00pm Alignment

Friday: 7.00pm – 8.30 pm Contortion

Contortion Classes: are end range strength & flexibility training for all levels with mild to low acrobatic training for transitional moves.

Mondays class in beg to advanced medium intensity. Friday is beg – advanced fast paced high intensity class. All levels are welcome to both classes and they are work to your own pace classes meaning you would focus on x skill for a period of time.

Alignment Classes: Blend of Barre, Ballet, Weight Transference, Technique & Torso Stabilization.

This is a low intensity class that can easily be taken before the 7.00pm Contortion class. Learn to balance your extensions, smoothly kick up into extensions, work on your turn out, align the spine, torso mastery for back bending.

Students have the opportunity to earn their grades from primary to intermediate in ballet and modern dance.

Flexibility and contortion classes have very different theories and methods. My classes involve:

  • Injury Prevention Exercises: To increase strength to support your increased range of motion.
  • Nerve Flexibility: They are stretched very differently to muscles and if they are not targeted they will inhibit your range of motion.
  • Muscle Pliability: Muscles do not lengthen thy become more pliable. By switching off the nervous system we can get deeper into the belly of the muscle.
  • Breaking Through Fascia: Think the skin of a sausage, fascia is the skin the sausage is your muscle.
  • Lengthening Connective Tissue: These are tendons and other tissues that connect the muscles into insertion points.
  • Correcting kinetic chains: Corrective flexibility and training.
  • Strength training.
  • USA GYM: Gymnastics training methods.

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Poses and Transitions We Work On

Shoulders, Thoracic Spine & Legs:

King pigeon, King Cobra, Splits Drop Backs, Needle, Penche, Dancers pose, Forearm stands, Forearm Cartwheels/ Tootsie Slide, Handstands, Kick Twists.

Back, Twists & Front Bends:

Knot, Compass, Bridge, Chest Stand, Tear Drop, Twisted Camel, Forearm Stands, Hollow Backs, Spider Monkey, Tinsika, Shoulder Stand Roll To Feet, Camel Drop Backs To Wheel & Rotating Chest Stands, Chest Rolls, Forward Fold Wraps, & Back Walk Overs.

Splits & Back Bends:

Front Split, Middle Splits, Standing Splits, Heel Stretch, Y Scale/Bow & Arrow, Standing Middle Split (Hip Tilt), Penche, Suspended Splits, Over Splits, Illusions, Spider Monkeys, Leg Catch, Leg Catch & Turn, Wheel Flips, Flares & Shiva.

Class Types

For the summer schedule we are currently running contortion classes only.

Active Flexibility

Builds strength and flexibility perfect for aerialists, dancers, rock climbers and jujitsu.


The contortion classes focus on over splits, middle splits, standing splits, back and shoulders.

Passive Flexibility

Relax and restore your muscles with a passive yin style practice. Long holds of 2 minutes or more.

Muscle Rehab

Release tension from the body with a massage ball and trigger point release.

Online Contortion & Flexibility Classes