Contortion Training

What are

Contortion Classes?

Contortion classes are an advanced flexibility and conditioning class. They are focused on building range of motion, strength and active flexibility.

Contortion classes are the ultimate mobility (latest buzz word) class .

In order to increase your mobility you need to work on several facets such as joints, tendons, connective tissue, nerves and build a solid structure for increased range of motion.

Am I ready

for Contortion Classes?

First things first I just want to say... NO ONE is BORN THAT WAY.

You need to be able to strength train your body to pull yourself into those deep positions. For my classes you want to be fairly close to your front & middle splits with the ability to hold a solid bridge.

With that being said I do work with many students that are quite not there yet. I work with beginners in private lesson and classes.

Simply send me an email or sms and I can recommend the best class for you.

You can reference our pose guide here.

What should I wear

to a Contortion Class?

  • You want to wear something that you can move easily in without restriction.
  • Secondly you will want to wear something form fitting as we will be upside down during class so that your top is not falling down.
  • Most students wear yoga tights and a top.
  • My preferred clothing choice is leotards or unitards. The clean line allows me to be able to see your body lines more accurately.

Our Contortion Classes


  • Prehabilitation Exercises: To increase strength to support your increased range of motion.
  • Nerve Flexibility: They are stretched very differently to muscles and if they are not targeted they will inhibit your range of motion.
  • Muscle Pliability: Muscles do not lengthen thy become more pliable. By switching off the nervous system we can get deeper into the belly of the muscle.
  • Breaking Through Fascia: Think the skin of a sausage, fascia is the skin the sausage is your muscle.
  • Lengthening Connective Tissue: These are tendons and other tissues that connect the muscles into insertion points.
  • Strength Training: Increases the ability of the muscle to hold new postures.

Ready to make a change?

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