How Jesus Really Looked: An Evidential Approach

how Jesus really looked

With all the imagery out there today you see different versions of Jesus. Blue eyes, brown eyes, beard no beard. Have you ever wondered how Jesus really looked? There is credible impartial documentation on how Jesus really looked.

how Jesus really looked

Many different Christian religions will claim that Jesus’s eyes were blue another brown. Some simply assume that because he was from Israel that his hair and eyes would be of a dark complexion.

The Bible’s references of what Jesus looks like is post-resurrection with him described with white hair and flaming eyes. But what did he look like on earth?

There are two impartial documents written by non-Christians and they give very similar accounts to the description of Jesus.

What Jesus Really Looked Like On Earth

A description of Jesus is found in “The Archko Volume” which contains official court documents from the days of Jesus. This information substantiates that He came from racial lines that had blue eyes and golden hair. In a chapter entitled “Gamaliel’s Interview” it states concerning Jesus (Yeshua) appearance:

“I asked him to describe this person to me, so that I might know him if I should meet him. He said: ‘If you ever meet him [Yeshua] you will know him. While he is nothing but a man, there is something about him that distinguishes him from every other man. He is the picture of his mother, only he has not her smooth, round face. His hair is a little more golden than hers, though it is as much from sunburn as anything else. He is tall, and his shoulders are a little drooped; his visage is thin and of a swarthy complexion, though this is from exposure. His eyes are large and a soft blue, and rather dull and heavy….’ This Jew [Nazarite] is convinced that he is the Messiah of the world. …this was the same person that was born of the virgin in Bethlehem some twenty-six years before…”

– The Archko Volume, translated by Drs. McIntosh and Twyman of the Antiquarian Lodge, Genoa, Italy, from manuscripts in Constantinople and the records of the Senatorial Docket taken from the Vatican of Rome (1896) 92-93

how Jesus really looked

Ceasars Commissioned Writings On How Jesus Looked

 A man of stature somewhat tall, and comely, with very reverent countenance, such as the beholders may both love and fear, his hair of (the colour of) the chestnut, full ripe, plain to His ears, whence downwards it is more orient and curling and wavering about His shoulders. In the midst of His head is a seam or partition in His hair, after the manner of the Nazarenes. His forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a lovely red; His nose and mouth so formed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard thickish, in colour like His hair, not very long, but forked; His look innocent and mature; His eyes grey, clear,

The above was taken from a manuscript in the possession of Lord Kelly, and in his library, and was copied from an original letter of Publius Lentullus at Rome. It is the usual custom of Roman Governors to advertise the Senate and people of such material things as happened in their provinces in the days of Tiberius Caesar, Publius Lentullus, President of Judea, wrote the following epistle to the Senate concerning the Nazarene called Jesus.

Has this changed the way you thought Jesus looked? Do you have additional research to prove or disprove this theory? I would love to hear about it. Drop it in the comments below.

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how Jesus really looked

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