A wise woman taught me how to achieve your goals for the new year. Since my 2019 goals were not really achieved I wanted to share with you her secrets so that we can both hit our 2020 goals together.

First off let’s take inventory on my 2019 goals. I have to say my 2019 aerial goals were hit and miss. I didn’t want to make the same mistake this year with my 2020 goals sooooo, let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly attempts at my 2019 goals.

Goal #1 Achieve an oversplit.

Verdict #Fluke

I’m not quite there but I am much deeper in my splits and I can now complete my middle split. So it was kind of a win but really it was more a fluke.

Goal #2 Achieve elbow rolls


This one I didn’t even start training. :S

Goal #3 Finish my dynamic flexibility manual.

Verdict #Win

I have finished all of my flexibility programs and the book. I just need to shoot the guide YAY!

What Went Wrong?

1. #RealityBites

The first thing that went wrong is perhaps some of the goals I like the idea of although the reality was different.

2. No Plan For Success

I didn’t make a plan to achieve the success I wanted. Well, I did achieve my goal with two books. We will go into why that was successful and the others won’t.

3. Lack Of Implementation

If I didn’t make a plan how was I going to implement it? I mean I had a few ideas in my head such as I will teach more flexibility classes and attend flexibility training classes. Oh, and the other one was I will train at home more often. So none of that actually happened. Why? Because I didn’t make a plan and commit to it. It was more wishful thinking.

When I look back at the goals that were successful they both had commonalities.

Success Strategies For Your 2020 Goals

#1 Professional coaching.

In 2018 I had a flexibility coach which dramatically allowed me to increase my flexibility and range of motion.

In 2018 – Current I have been working with a literary coach on my two books that will be released in 2020. They are both in the editing phase which takes a lot longer than what you might think!

#2 Education

As they say, knowledge is power. That saying couldn’t be more true for me this year. In 2019 I got serious about my blog and decided to vigorously educate myself with professional courses and coaching. This resulted in several of my blogs hitting page 1 in Google. YAY! Does happy dance.

Secondly, I became a certified flexologist. This means I undertook education and training on flexibility, specializing in PNF (Proprio neuromuscular facilitator). Being passionate about flexibility and learning from a leading physical therapist took me to another level, it opened up my career and has allowed me to become an expert in treating clients with a 1 on 1 assisted stretching programs.

#3 I made plans and stuck to them.

That means planning and implementation. I planned the days of the week that I would train or write. I planned the times and made it habit by, committing to those days and times every week.

The key here is to make the plan and implement tactics for success. Think of one of your goals right now? How long will it take to achieve it? How much time will it require weekly?

Now that you have the information time to open up that calendar right now. Block off the times and make a repetitious schedule to achieve that goal.

Add alarms to your digital calendar. Create a visual calendar and stick it on the fridge. Now you have no excuses.

#4 Creating Habits

Just like we have our weekly schedule for aerial we need to implement the same habits for our personal goals.

We can use the art of classical conditioning to help us keep habits in check. How you may ask? Every time I wrote I would light a candle. At first, I would still find it hard to get into. After some time my body knew what the candle meant and would go straight into the zone.

For an at-home fitness practice, it could be an aroma you use in your diffuser that cues you that its time to move.

You can get creative, but make sure that you keep the cue simple. You don’t want to have to go to too much effort with your cue. Remember it is to help us get into the space we need for success.

It could be as simple as putting your workout clothes on and you feel like it’s time to exercise. This would not work if you lounge around in your activewear. It would send your brain a different signal.

#4 Limit The Number Of Goals

We only have so many hours in the day week and year. Don’t make a tonne of goals you don’t have time to implement. It will only discourage you, I mean who likes failure? Not so good for the self-confidence eh? It’s time to set yourself up for success. Remember we have different facets of our lives. Perhaps you want to make one personal goal, one career goal, and one hobby goal.

#5 Give Yourself A Deadline

Just like university assignments that always get done at the last minute, our yearly goals can to be the same. Break down your goal and work towards it. For instance, my goal is to have my book published. This was broken down into micro goals:

  • Write the blueprint
  • Perform research
  • Write a chapter every month
  • Achieve a word count of 40,000 words

Each of these goals was broken down again and deadlines were put on each goal.

My 2020 Goals

While I’m sure your not probably interested in my goals I like to put them down here so that it keeps me accountable. It will also give you a good example of how to put everything we have talked about into practice.

  1. Publish my book Finding Light
  2. To be able to perform an in air invert. This one may not be that achievable for me as my abs are split 7cm apart from my last baby. I may be looking at surgery. I find out this week. So it may take a little more than a year but I am ok with that.
  3. To increase my flexibility.

2020 Goal Success Tactics

Publish my book Finding Light


1 . With five rounds of editing to go my goal is to have all of the editing done by March 2020. To achieve this I am going to edit my book M-F from 11-1 pm every day. I will continue to use my candle as a cue to put me in the right mindset.

2. Continue to work with my book coach.

3. Attend writing lessons once a month.

To Be Able To Perform An In Air Invert.

To achieve this I will:

  1. Take at least two silks classes per week. They will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8pm.
  2. Train my abdominals for my diastasis recti with my newly created abdominal routine for ten minutes M-F.
  3. Practice inverting without pushing up with my feet on my trapeze bar at home. Once a day for three inverts.

Increase My Flexibility

Ok so normally I would say you want to make your goals SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

This goal is none of those and I will tell you why! Flexibility is a long term game. If you say I want to have the splits by February 2020 there is no way that you can know if that is achievable or realistic for your body.

If you push too hard on your flexibility training the body may tear, strain or overstretch. This will lead to you having to take training time off your flexibility routine.

Our body’s myofascial and muscles are all different. They will take longer or shorter times to breakthrough compared to others. This depends on factors such as age, joint structure, the thickness of your Mylan Sheath plus many more.

So I decided I will commit to stretching an extra 15 minutes after each training session. This will certainly add up by the end of the year.

So let’s make 2020 a success! What are your goals? Drop them in the comments below.

In happiness and health,

Jadore Vanessa

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