Alien splits look amazing and are quite simple to do. Although it is the most spacially confusing move I have learned to date. Here is the guide to getting your alien split.

Step 1:

Straddle mount one side of your poles. You should have one leg in between both poles and one leg out of the poles in a straddle position.

Alien Split

Step 2:

The leg that is outside the pole begins to bend at the knee while you rotate your body anti clockwise. When I am in the air I like to think that I am performing the motion of skin the cat.

How To Do An Alien Split On Silks

Step 3:

Once the back of the knee meets your elbow extend and engage the legs. Voila you have your alien split!

How To Do An Alien Split On Silks

Did you get your alien split? Let me know in the comments below.

Jadore Vanessa

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  1. I love this! I can do these splits on the hoop and it’s one of my faves

    How important is it to wrap the wrists when doing this on silks…is it possible to do it without?


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