Angel drop on the silks is one of the first beginner drops you will learn. In order to be able to do an angel drop, you will need to be able to invert in the air and perform a competent crochet. It doesn’t need to be perfect. The more you practice in air inverts the smoother the transition will come.

Remember that you should always perform new moves with an instructor and a mat. This guide is for revision purposes only.

How To:

  • Climb at least 1.5 times your body height in the air. You can use classic, french or russian climb.
  • Once you reach your desired hight, dead hang between the silks.
  • Straddle invert and crochet the legs.
  • Cross the feet to lock you into position by placing one on top of the other so that you can free your hands.
  • Cross the silks behind your back.
  • Bring the poles under the armpits.
  • With the arms straight hold the tails.
  • Unlock the feet and straddle.
  • Keep your body strong in a plank position.
  • From the straddle bring your legs down towards the floor.
  • Ta Da! You have mastered an angel drop.

What other drops would you like to learn?

Stay high!

Jadore Vanessa

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