Let’s face it Lyra can hurt at the best of times little alone once you start training for elbow rolls, ankle hangs and toe hangs ouch! So I thought I would write this blog to answer a few questions I get asked in class a lot which is how to layer for Lyra training.

It’s important to remember to layer your clothing and wear materials that are supportive towards you achieving your goals. I know we all want to be a badass but I would rather get in my running man hands free than have to keep my hands on the bar because I don’t want to layer. Why? Well for starters your advancing, your body is moving towards training to bear the new weight load and soon after time and little bit of hard work you will be able to remove those pads!


I have curated a little favorites list from guards to leg warmers to get you started. How many layers should I wear you may ask? The more layers the better it will feel.

If you have some favorites drop them below so that we can discover them too!

Love Vanessa xoxo.

Aerial Hoop Vanessa Barthelmes

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