“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” Julia Child

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to the aerial arts. One thing I love most about Lyra is that once you have learned a new trick there is 100 more waiting for you! You are forever evolving, never stagnant.

In the spirit of moving forward and teaching an old dog some new tricks 😛 (me 36yo), I have teamed up with the always inspiring and completely humbling Anya Shevelyuk Aerial & Flexibility Coach to bring you 10 fun aerial hoop splits to keep your practice thriving.

The #LyraSplitsChallenge is all about fun and growing as a community as well as your personal practice. Don’t compare yourself to others, comparison is the thief of joy. If your not deep in your splits it does not matter, simply have a go learn new moves and expand your experience. But if you do want to get deep in those splits Anya has some pretty awesome online courses that I will be checking out myself too.

Did I also mention that we have $500 worth of prizes to giveaway?!?! Woo!

How to enter!

  1. Repost this flyer and tag a friend who you want to play with.
  2. Participate in all 10 poses. If you can’t do the pose show us something fun, another split or a pretty combo. There is no way I can do them all but I will put something fun up!
  3. Make sure you tag & follow all hosts and sponsors in your daily submissions.











Prizes include:

Hair removal laser from Tria Beauty! 3 bottles of Tumeric Curcumin to keep that joint inflamation down, $50 Voucher from Chanmaya clothing and an outfit from Rad Pole Wear! Woo.

The 10 Splits!

Day 1. Side Bar Split

Side Split

Day 2.Amazon split or Lion in a tree split. Variation 1 or 2 depending on your level.

For me I take a bind because my split looks like neither of these and its a great way to actively assist the glutes to get them to continue to open up and become more flexible and pliable.

amazon split or lion split

Day 3. Shoulder stand Split

Shoulder Stand Split, Aerial Hoop

Day 4. Spanset hip hold split

Spanset Hip Hold Split, Aerial Hoop


Day 5. Intermediate and advanced version. Back balance split

Back balance split, Aerial Hoop

Day 6. Russian Split

Russian Split, Aerial Hoop

Day 7. Horizontal Bullseye Split

Horizontal Bullseye split, Aerial Hoop

Day 8 Alien Split/Jigsaw Split

Day 8 Alien Split/Jigsaw Split

Day 9. Hip Hold Split

Day 9. Hip Hold Split

Day 10. Handstand Split

Day 10. Handstand Split



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