I thought I would share with you this week my favorite music pieces for your yoga practice. Yoga practice is  sacred to a yogi. Music can drastically make the experience more divine. So I thought I would share my favorite music for my yoga practice. If you like the selection and would like me to find more then give me a comment below and I will make a  playlist for yoga.

In place number one we have Bliss – A Hundred Thousand Angels.

Servant of Peace  by Satnam Kaur. She does not need any introduction in the Yoga community. Her angelic chants that touch your heart are well known.

Chad Wilkins words, execution and melody will move you into a sacred space. I still remember meeting Chat and being slightly star struck. I binged his album for a good year! Show Us the Way of the Heart

Which was your favorite? Do you have song to contribute? Place them below I would love to find more great tunes.

Yoga Music to Move your HeartInternational Yoga Instructor Vanessa Barthelmes

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