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Y StandBasic BridgeBasic CobraForearm Stand
Front SplitsChest BridgeCobra Toes To HeadForearm Stag Both Knees Bent
PancakeForearm BridgeBox 
Dancers PoseForearm Chest BridgeChest StandHandstand
Heel StretchDrop Back To BridgeCamel SplitCrocodile Pose
PencheBridge With Single Leg Extension.

ShivaMiddle Split Bridge

Back Leg Bound SplitBridge/Wheel Flips

Middle Split Handstand against wall

Standing Middle Split Bent knee

Standing Mermaid Pose

Lunge Bound Back Leg

LegsFront LineBackBalancesMoving
NeedleFold throughKapotasana Forarm Stand Toes To ChinBridge kick over
OversplitsSingle Leg Knot Arm BalancePretzel (Chest stand with feet flat on floor)Elbow Stand Ring Straight legs – WideStanding to splits controlled
Floor NeedleStanding Leg Behind HeadHollow Back BridgeElbow Stand SplitsBackwards Walkover
Standing mermaid foot to chinKnotWide Leg Hollow Back BridgeElbow Stand 1/2 SplitForward Walk Over
Stag Bow PoseElbow Stand Z Hollow BackWaterfall/Drop back to bridge
9 oclock stand
Bridge push up head throughElbow Stand StagStand up from bride
Forward Fold : Middle & Straddle Overspilt
Elbow bridge
Handstand Pushups
Front Flex
Single Leg Middle Split Bridge

Advanced Front Flex

Frog Back Bend

Single leg box with twist. (mermaid + box together

dynamic flexibility
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Plant based diet vs veganism
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With a plant-based diet and veganism both focused on eliminating meat you may be wondering what is the difference between a plant-based diet vs vegan diet? A plant-based diet has been in the trend the last decade. Lifestyle choices regarding what we eat are now becoming more mainstream. Restaurants are prepared for vegetarians, vegans and […]

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A big secret to a healthy life is travel. Like we needed another excuse to go on a holiday! If you do here are 8 reasons why travel is important for your wellbeing. Active adventures and exploring new places can keep your body healthy. Here’s why: One thing I love about being Australian is we […]

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Jacksonville locals mumpreneurs, Vanessa Barthelmes and Isabell Lindva have teamed up with the nonprofit organization Her Song to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking here in the local Duval community. The Annual Summer Social & Fundraiser Event will honor Her Song, a Human Trafficking organization in Jacksonville, Florida, by hosting a fundraiser […]

high energy diet
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A balanced high energy diet can help you, fight fatigue, and improve energy efficiency. Trying to get through life with chronically low energy levels is no fun. Waking up in the morning feeling as tired as before you went to bed, drinking back-to-back coffees just to cope with the working day and skipping the gym because you’re […]

fitness girls
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One thing I love about my Instagram feed is that it is curated of amazing aerialists. Way better than my Facebook friend feed. Sorry, Guys! It’s an aerialist thing… So I have put together 10 inspiring Fitness Girls you should follow if your an aerialist. From contortionists to dancers, these stylish and in-shape girls show […]
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Trikonasana - Triangle Pose
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Trikonasana or Utthita Trikonasana, known as Triangle Pose is a yoga asana that works on the bodies sideline. It is a beginner pose that can easily be modifed with the use of blocks to decrease intensity. For the advanced student they can take a bind by bringing the top hand around the back and placing […]

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beginner aerial silks
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Congratulations on your pregnancy! There is one thing us aerialists and yogis have in common. Exercise is not a simple means to be fit. Aerial arts and Yoga is a way of life! So you may be wondering what pregnancy exercises are safe for you during the next 9 months. Well read on we are […]

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