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Vanessa Barthelmes
Y StandBasic BridgeBasic CobraForearm Stand
Front SplitsChest BridgeCobra Toes To HeadForearm Stag Both Knees Bent
PancakeForearm BridgeBox 
Dancers PoseForearm Chest BridgeChest StandHandstand
Heel StretchDrop Back To BridgeCamel SplitCrocodile Pose
PencheBridge With Single Leg Extension.

ShivaMiddle Split Bridge

Back Leg Bound SplitBridge/Wheel Flips

Middle Split Handstand against wall

Standing Middle Split Bent knee

Standing Mermaid Pose

Lunge Bound Back Leg

LegsFront LineBackBalancesMoving
NeedleFold throughKapotasana Forarm Stand Toes To ChinBridge kick over
OversplitsSingle Leg Knot Arm BalancePretzel (Chest stand with feet flat on floor)Elbow Stand Ring Straight legs – WideStanding to splits controlled
Floor NeedleStanding Leg Behind HeadHollow Back BridgeElbow Stand SplitsBackwards Walkover
Standing mermaid foot to chinKnotWide Leg Hollow Back BridgeElbow Stand 1/2 SplitForward Walk Over
Stag Bow PoseElbow Stand Z Hollow BackWaterfall/Drop back to bridge
9 oclock stand
Bridge push up head throughElbow Stand StagStand up from bride
Forward Fold : Middle & Straddle Overspilt
Elbow bridge
Handstand Pushups
Front Flex
Single Leg Middle Split Bridge

Advanced Front Flex

Frog Back Bend

Single leg box with twist. (mermaid + box together

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Let’s change the discussion about butts. Most of the time, our hip muscles are only confined to subjects of booty bands and bikini boot camps. Well, there is nothing wrong to show off your butts or wanted to get good-looking bums. However, your butts play a more crucial role than just adding glam to your […]

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You might have heard about patellofemoral pain syndrome or runners knee. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common knee pathology causing knee pain in both athletes and non athletes. It can affect both men and women in any part of life. PFPS is a collective term used for the pain associated with the patellofemoral joint […]

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Have you ever notice the strange symptoms of tingling, numbness, and pain in your upper thigh? If yes, then you might be suffering from meralgia paresthetica. Even though it might be an unfamiliar term for you, the painful sensations that it causes are almost unbearable and unforgettable.   However, if you are suffering from meralgia […]

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Strength Training For Injury Prevention Theatrical dance, including classic ballet and modern dance, and competitive dance are sports that require the development of neuromuscular attributes, including muscular strength, power, neuromuscular coordination, and joint range of motion. Enhancing dance-specific neuromuscular attributes through targeted and structured resistance training should translate to improved dance performance and decreased rate […]

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Elite Athlete Prescription Plans Our elite athlete training programs are composed by scientific knowledge for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. Pretesting sessions are the essential when prescribing exercise plans to implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs. The time period will vary among several physiological factors such as the need for rehabilitation, […]

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Shoulder strength is imperative with your contortion and flexibility program. We need shoulder strength for over head presses such as handstands. Theraband exercises for the shoulder allows us to increase the intensity as our strength levels continue to grow. A contortion program is heavily focused on strength training with an increased range of motion. Without […]

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Anatomy Of The Lumbar Spine The lumbar region of the body is best described as the lower back region. It is the area in between the last rib and the pelvic region of the body. It has in it five vertebrae known as the L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. These five bones are connected […]

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If you want to improve your aerial skills, strength training is so important. During your aerial practice, you will build a variety of different muscles, but supplementing your practice with extra strength training sessions is the best way to improve your skills.  Image Source – Pixabay CCO License Your upper body and core are the […]

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