New Year New Moves - learn aerial hoop dance

Being aerialists we are always motivated by the new tricks, feats, stunts and aerial hoop moves we want to achieve. As an aerial hoop dancer I love to learn tricks in segments. I usually break them down into bars of four. That could be the dancer in me. It’s great to learn moves in blocks of four because then you always have chunks of choreography!

Let’s face it. Moves are sweet but flows are epic. That is why we are presenting you with a sequencing challenge for aerial hoop/lyra, silks, yoga, trapeze and acro yoga.

I have teamed up with the stunning @aerialyogaportugal and the fierce @eliminelliaerialist to bring to you a challenge that will keep you growing as an aerial artist.

Not only will putting together your own flows challenge you but it is great to see what other artists come up with too!

Make sure you read to the end as I will give you some super fun ideas and examples of flows that you can do.

New Year New Moves Aerial Challenge

  1. Simply post this flyer to enter the competition with the following details:

I’m kicking off the NewYear with new moves with @aerialyogaportugal @jadore.vanessa @eliminelliaerialist & @weheartaerial

Make sure you follow the hosts so that you can keep up to date with daily flows across all apparatuses.

Winner takes home a we heart aerial shirt of their choice.

The challenge starts January 14 – 20. Participants must video a minimum of three poses in a flow for each of the following themes:

  1. January 14: Flow of 3 non inverted moves.
  2. January 15: Flow of 3 moves with a friend.
  3. January 16: Flow of 3 moves including a split.
  4. January 17: Flow of 3 moves with a hip hang.
  5. January 18: Flow of 3 moves with a back bend.
  6. January 19: Flow of 3 moves with a knee hang.
  7. January 20: Flow of 3 moves with a shoulder stand

Make sure you tag a friend to join you and use the hashtag #NewYearNewMoves so that we can easily find you!

For ideas on sequencing check out our blog post:

Non inverted aerial hoop sequence.

I saw this sequence when I was on one of my binge watching PSO Pacific Championships sessions. Being 5.5 months pregnant I am needing to invert less but still train. My body has finally started to feel normal again after 5 months of brutal 24/7 sickness. I have been playing with this for a few days so I am hoping I can get it finished in time. Still trying to work out the last spin on the hoop.

To move straight to one of my favourite non inverting aerial dance flows go to 1:52 where Lyndsey Gago representing The 2016 PPC bronze medalist, Lyra Professional division moves flawlessly from a seated top bar into amazon.

Duo Aerialist hoop sequence.

There are so many magnificent moves in this duo routine. One thing I get so bored with is seeing the same things over and over and I find that tends to happen in duos quite often. This routine is the opposite it’s exciting for the non aerialist and aerialist to watch.

Splits Aerial hoop beginner flow.

This is a simple flow for beginners who would like to incorporate a split into their aerial dance sequencing. This was just after the birth of my first baby boy!

Hip hang aerial hoop flow.

I love this roll into hip hang at 2:52 from Megan Loreen. We played with this is class last week! It looks much nicer than what it feels!

Aerial hoop flow with a back bend.

I am not going to lie, back bends on the hoop are my nemesis. For some reason I always feel like my diaphragm is being chocked. Here is ten back balances on the aerial hoop to give you some ideas!

Aerial hoop moves with a knee hang.

Knee hangs are pretty easy on the Lyra as most mounts involve a knee hang. Here is a pretty flow that Zac has implemented 2 knee hangs in with a transition from the top bar to the bottom.

Aerial hoop flow with a shoulder stand.

Here is a cute little series of aerial hoop moves has a shoulder stand split and an inverted man in the moon shoulder stand.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Which of the seven aerial hoop moves did you like best?

Vanessa xoxo.

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