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Our mission at JV Flexibility is to get
real results based on scientific evidence
with methods that are safe & injury free.

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Contortion Class

75 mins - Vanessa

USA: Friday 5pm MST

South Pacific: 9am Saturday

Alignment Class

75 mins - Vanessa

USA: Friday 5pm MST

South Pacific: 9am Saturday

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The Hypermobility Spectrum Score. What’s Yours?

Are you clumsy? Do you find it hard to put your clothes away? Perhaps you get those bad ass bruises from aerial or gymnastic? Well you may have a clinical excuse to never...

Vanessa is an amazing contortion teacher! Her classes are wonderful and she is able to quickly adapt or modify exercises to fit each participant.

I have gained so much flexibility and mobility since I began classes in December.

I have seen so much improvement in such a short time. Thank you Vanessa!

Joy Halverston

It is difficult to find a cortortion/flexibity coach, let alone a qualified coach so it was great to find Vanessa.

She has an incredible understanding of anatomy that enables her to give precise instruction on how to move your body.

Bending can be intimidating, but Vanessa's guidance and encouragement puts me at ease and motivates me to push my boundaries (safely of course!)

I have been following her website for a bit (tons of great info) but nothing beats the All Levels class she teaches online. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

Jamie Livngood