Refashion: 3 Shirts to a dress tutorial

I have been sewing for a year now. I have been dabbling between using patterns making my own pattern and refashions. Some more successful than others. Today I thought I would try one of Merricks refashion tutorials three t shirts to a dress off her blog.

I chose the three tee shirts to a dress refashion because it seemed simple, easy and achievable. It’s also perfect for this mumma as I am four weeks postpartum. So the ruching is flattering around my waistline.

I picked up 3 lavender t shirts on sale at Walmart for $3.00 each! One size small, one medium and one extra extra large. These were literally the last three left and I really liked the colour so I wanted to try and make it work. In hindsight I should have picked a different colour to help blend the seam lines but I really loved the lavender.

Materials you will need:

  • 3 t-shirts (mine are from Walmart and I used one extra large for the top, and a medium and small for the bottom. I did end up taking the dress in at least four times.)
  • matching thread
  • 1/8″ wide elastic
Refashion t shirt into dress

Step one:

I unpicked the pockets of the two shirts that I am going to use for the length of the dress.


Step two:

We will start by cutting the tops of your two t-shirts. I kept my XXL for my top because I liked how the v neck dropped a little lower and the ample room under the armpits! I mean it’s over 100 degrees here in Florida and then add the humidity to that! Phew, a girls skin has to breathe.


Step three:

Cut the hem off the first t shirt (the one you are keeping the top on). Then simply sew the bottom of the second shirt together to the first.

T Shirt Refashion- to dress

Step four:

Repeat the same step so that all three t-shirts are attached together. At this point, you may want to try your dress on for fit. I took in my dress several times as the rouching was sagging. This is how it looked before the rouching. The dress was so long it was literally to the floor.

Step five:

I measured the elastic from my belly button to my knee. I wanted my rouching to start a little higher because I am only 4 weeks out of having a c section so I am still lumpy, bumpy and sensitive. The higher rouching will help with my little postpartum belly.

I then sewed the elastic down the sides in the hem line. To ensure that the distribution was even I pinned the elastic at the top and the bottom. Then I stretched the elastic to meet the length of the dress and pinned it accordingly.


Step 6:

My sleeves were pretty large so I wanted to tailor them. I love an effortlessly chic street style. So I rolled the sleeves up twice and popped a small stitch on the top and bottom of the armpit to keep the new roll in place.

Old extra large sleeve

Once I sewed up the sleeves I was all done!

Here is Merricks:

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