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We can all experience stress in our lives, but its how we handle it that matters. 

Some people handle stress badly. They might…

  • Take up unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive drinking
  • Dwell for long periods of time on the things that are stressing them out
  • Comfort eat
  • Self-harm

These ‘stress-relievers’ are ultimately harmful to one’s health and wellbeing, and should be avoided at all costs. 

If you’re experiencing stress in your life, you need to handle it in a safe way. By doing so, you might overcome your stressors and improve your wellbeing

Here are some suggestions.

Exercise regularly

Exercise releases tension in your body and gives you the distraction you need from your stresses. And when your blood starts to flow, endorphins will be released in your brain, and your mood will start to improve. 

So, make the effort to exercise regularly, as you will start to improve both your physical and mental health if you do. Take up a sport you know you will enjoy, consider our fitness classes, and consider joining your local gym.

There are certain exercise types that are great for calm and relaxation, such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi. You can learn more about yoga on our website, and to understand more about tai chi, visit this website: Enjoyment in exercise can also be gained when done with others, so consider doing something with your friends.

By taking any of these routes into exercise, you will be doing much to relieve those stresses that are getting you down. 

Spend time with people who make your happy

If there are people who add to your stress levels, minimize the time you spend with them. Instead, be with the people who will support you, care for you, and give you cause to smile and laugh. Having positive people in your life can really help you when you’re feeling stressed, as you can vent and offload to them, and distract yourself through fun. 

So, don’t sit and dwell on your stressors alone. Pick up the phone and talk to somebody, and arrange to meet up with them. The happier they make you feel, the better, as you will naturally start to beat your stresses.

Eat well

You might be tempted to comfort eat when you’re feeling stressed, but if these foods aren’t good for your health, you will be doing little to ease your stresses. So, think twice when reaching for snack foods, especially when they are overloaded with sugar. Instead, opt for fresh fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks for stress eating.

And be sure to prepare healthy meals to eat at home and at work.  Focus on those that contain nutrients for stress management, such as the foods that contain antioxidants, Vitamin B, and Omega-3 fats. You can learn more here:


Don’t be worn down by the stresses in your life, and don’t resort to unhealthy habits when trying to make yourself feel better. You will only feel worse if you do. Instead, follow the advice in our article, and manage your stresses in a safe and healthy way. 

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