Simple DIY Shirt To Dress Tutorial.

diy shirt dress

Strolling through the thrift store I came along a beautiful denim shirt by Ralph Lauren. I thought it would be the perfect DIY shirt to dress project. It would make a perfect shirt dress but it is a little too short!

I was inspired by this lacy denim jacket as a refashion reference for my next project. Refashioning a men’s denim shirt into a dress with the use of lace.

You will need:

How to refashion a men’s shirt to a dress:

Step 1:

Grab an oversized button-up shirt. I got mine from the thrift store for under $5.

diy shirt dress
Disclaimer: I had a newborn when I started this project so I was sewing at night. That is why the images are more grey. The photos of me wearing the outfit are true to color.

Step 2:

Try your shirt on your mannequin or on your body. Mark your natural waistline and where you want to lift the bottom seam of the armpit too. I use a fabric marker that washes out because I find it easier to see the lines than chalk.

Step 3:

Rip the side seams from the bottom of the shirt all the way around to the arms. I also seam ripped the cuffs because I was not sure if I wanted to use that detail later when I shorten the sleeve.

Step 4:

Pin the sides of the shirt and arm lines to take in the size. I baste mine the first time so that I can see how it fits before I use my overlocker to serge the sides and remove the bulk.

Sew with a straight stitch. I use my serger afterward to clean up the sides and to remove the bulk. If you don’t have a serger then make sure you zig-zag the seams to stop the fabric from fraying. You can also opt for a french seam if you want it to look pretty on the inside too!

Step 5:

Try it on for size to see if you need any adjustments. My shirt was a good length but a little too short for my modesty requirements so I wear a white cotton slip underneath for day wear. For beachware, I simply slip it on over my bikini as a classy cover-up.

I have also included some shirt dresses that you can purchase if you don’t want to take on this project. What do you think? Would you try making a DIY shirt dress? Let me know in the comments below.

Jadore Vanessa

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