Watching aerial videos are inspiring and always give me new goals and open my eyes to amazing new transitions I need to try or either work towards! Here are a few of my favorite Lyra routines. Enjoy!

Watch Jocelyn’s jaw-dropping aerial hoop act.

Warning you will want to try so many combinations from this lyra act. Just make sure if you do that it is with an instructor. So many of these amazing combos need heavy spotting.

I love Tamras 50 shades of aerial hoop dance.

Try Lyndsey’s original spinning aerial Lyra sequences.


In awe of Rebecca’s seamless aerial Lyra contortion moves.

Which Lyra routine was your favourite? Looking to increase your repertoire of tricks check out my Lyra Challenges:

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Take the Lyra Top Bar Challenge

Try these Intermediate Lyra Sequences

Challenge yourself with the Aerial Magic Challenge

Ever thought of taking aerial silks? Try these moves for absolute beginners.

Lyra Routines

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