Packing your hospital bag for a new baby can be a little overwhelming. I remember thinking about how many outfits do I need? My friends and family tell me newborns are getting dirty all the time? How many outfits were enough? What do I need after the delivery?

The second time around is a little easier when you are an experienced mum. You know what you need and you can leave all the stuff you don’t!

With my first pregnancy I never actually got to the stage of packing my hospital bag for the new baby. At 26 weeks I had a standard ultrasound at my OBGYN appointment. Turns out I was 99% effaced and I was rushed to hospital.

I laboured from 26 weeks to 36 weeks when it all came to an end when my son Harrison was born. This pregnancy has been a little smoother thank goodness! All that time in the hospital allowed me to really notice anything that was missing so that this time around I can make sure I have everything I need after delivery.

What I packed in my hospital bag for the new baby

What to pack in your labor and delivery bag for your new baby and you

The first time around I had to get my hubby to pack the hospital bag for baby Harrison. With a good list I ensured that I had multiple onesies for my son. My husband Garrett brought them down to the hospital for me. We also had one set of separates.

I ended up dressing him in the separates because I didn’t want the umbilical cord to rub on the clothing and irritate him.

You also want to make sure that you have given the new babies clothes a good wash before they wear them for the first time. There are lot’s of chemicals found in new clothing and newborns skin is very sensitive.

  • A couple of sets of seperates (prewashed).
  • Mittens. They are great to stop your little one scratching their face and eyes.
  • Baby hat/beanie. Babies can’t regulate their body temperature. We lose most of our body heat from our head. They also look great because their heads usually come out a little wonky too!

Our hospital had plenty of diapers, wipes, creams and formula. So we didn’t need to take any of that. In fact we ended up leaving with a little goodie bag. There are so many things you need so go lean on the packing when you can!

What you need to pack in your hospital bag for pre labour

things required after delivery

Phone charger.

Labor can take a while! With Harrison I think it took a good six hours for me to dilate enough to start the birthing process. You will have all your friends and family calling and messaging wanting to know all the updates.

Make sure you pack a phone charger so you have juice in that phone to take the first photo of you holding your little one for the first time. Then you can make your birth announcement! I couldn’t wait I was brimming with excitement.

ID & Insurance Details.

Make sure you have your ID and your Insurance details for when you check in at the hospital. It’s a good idea to fill your paperwork out ahead of time. Your OBGYN can help you with preparing your hospital paperwork ahead of time.

Hair Ties.

Your going to be hot sweaty and in pain. You will want that hair out of your face!


If you are getting an epidural you will have plenty of pain free time to pass! You can pack some from on entertainment for you and your hubby. We love Uno or any card games.

While card games are not everybody’s thing, hospital rooms are not very exciting so anything you can bring to help you pass the time. A second option could be your favorite movie on a laptop. This may also help distract you through the contractions.

What we didn’t use was our Birthing Plan.

When it comes to childbirth you can make a plan but whether or not things go accordingly to that plan is a completely different story. Originally with Harrison we wanted to delay cord cutting but were unable to as I was rushed off for emergency surgery.

Now we are at 35 weeks and my due date is steadily approaching. This time we have even less of a birth plan. Right now Harper is breech, so if we cant turn her at 37 weeks its a C Section. If we don’t go into labour before 38 weeks she will be too large and we will have to get a c section.

A c section has never been part of my plan, but things never go according to plan. I am so grateful for the miracle of modern medicine and I listen to my doctors advice. Labor is bound to throw you a few curve balls so don’t be dissapointed if everything does not go according to your plan.

My husband during Harrisons labor. Passing a few hours lol. I guess labour is hard work for daddies too?

What I packed for mummy at the hospital for after the delivery.

Things required after delivery:

I had no idea what things would be required after delivery of my son. But a few things did surprise me. For instance the hospital did not have soap. I thought that would have been standard.


To make you feel nice and clean postpartum make sure you pack a nice soap or body wash. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears during labor.

If you are a daily shampoo and conditioner girl then you will need to take that too! I have some crazy naturally curly hair so washing it is a big commitment. I skipped the shampoo and conditioner and tried to pack more on the lean side.

Other toiletries you will need is a Hairbrush, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Makeup if you desire, Moisturizer and Deodorant.

It’s the small things that make you feel good in hospital. Everyone will come in all fresh and excited to meet your new bundle of joy. Having a nice shower and being able to wash, shampoo and moisturize your body will help you feel a little more social when visitors arrive.

Nipple shield.

Whether you are going to breastfeed or not it is good to try in the beginning so that your newborn can get all the antibodies from the colostrum.

I had no idea that breastfeeding was going to hurt. I have seen all the mums breastfeed in public and not even act like anything was happening. So I figured you just pop the baby on and voila. That was not how it went. I felt awful and kina painful.

Later on, with persistance and after seeing a lactating specialist she recommended that I use a nipple shield it was much more tolerable!

Nipple cream.

If you are going to breastfeed, your nipples get dry and crack. So start on the proactive forefront and keep those babies moisturiesed.

Nursing cover.

To keep those private moments private when visitors arrive and it’s feeding time.


Pack yourself a nice bathrobe. It will help you feel a, little more human and a little less like a hospital patient. If your anything like me us mummas tend to feel not so glamorous towards the end. For me it’s the small things like that which makes a difference.

things required after delivery

Secondly, the maternity hospital robes generally have slits where your breasts are for easy access to breastfeeding. The last thing I would want is an outfit malfunction and have my boob hanging out in front of my Dad or in-laws. We all know you’re going to have visitors so a nice robe can keep you decent and feeling a little more fabulous.

I bought a new robe by MuMu. I love it. I got it in the Fab Fun Fit Spring edition box.

You can still get yours and get $10 off the box with the code: GOTTAHAVEIT

Top, dress or nightie.

hospital bag for baby

If you want to feel more dressed and less pyjamerie, you can pack yourself a nice loose T-Shirt for visitors. Or a nice long nightie or stretchy dress works well too.

Remember you are going to need to get easy access to your bottom half and your breasts. This stretchy jersey dress works like a nightie and has a great stretch. I wore this a lot during my pregnancy because the material is so soft and there isn’t any restriction in the stretch of the knit at all.

Best of all it looks great when you are not pregnant too! This is a steal for only $27!

Supportive stretchy bra.

Hospital bag checklist pdf

A soft stretchy supportive bra is nice after birth. With your boobs ballooning with milk you want to have support and comfort. This cross over bra is great for support and easy access. It also comes with optional padding which really helps with that additional milk leakage.

Hospital bag checklist pdf

I opted for a simple soft cropped lycra bra. I can wear it all year round because I am a girl who dresses her boobs for comfort.

They are also so easy to pull down for baby feeds. If your not breast feeding. Soft cotton lycra bras are nice on your swollen breasts.

They are so easy to slip nipple pads into or cold packs which you might find you may need to do to get a little relief.

Nipple pads.

Yes no one even told me these existed. For the first week I was walking around with face wash cloths in my bra because I was leaking milk so bad! You can get disposable pads pretty cheap or ones that you can rewash.

This time around I have both. Why? I have the intention of washing them and resusing them. But the reality of no sleep with a newborn tells me this may not happen.

I will pack the organic cotton reusable pads for the hospital because they are nice and soft.

Going home outfit.

Both my babies are due in May in Florida which is nice warm spring weather. I am packing a nice soft long flowy dress in a dark colour to wear home.

With my first baby I wore a great pair of stellar stretchy cargos by LuLu Lemon. This time I am packing a dress because we are unsure whether I am going to need a c section or not. If that happens I am not going to want anything sitting around the stomach area.

I did love wearing the stretchy pants home the first time because you are pretty much going to be wearing an adult diaper when you leave because there is so much blood. So a nice stretchy fitting pant feels comfy safe and secure.

Bootie shorts underpants.

Yes, you heard it right. Get yourself some booty shorts. Or maybe in the United States you call them boy shorts. The hospital generally provides these but if you want to get your own pair packed and ready you can do that too.

What to pack in your hosptial bag when having a baby

Why booty shorts? That adult-sized diaper we just talked about. You will need a bigger underpant to secure them too. Also if it has a nice stretch to it, it will help you feel more secure with the amount of bleeding and the large pads. Just remember you don’t want it too tight!

Essential items to pack in your labor and delivery bag

You may also be wearing perinatal pads, which are pads that crack and give a cooling sensation. It helps with swelling, bruising and pain. So a nice supportive underpant is a must. You don’t want to feel like your crutch of your underwear is hanging around your knees.


Your OBGYN won’t let you eat during the labour process as some people tend to vomit during labour. Pack yourself lots of snacks so that you’re not stuck fasting on jello at 2am post partum.

Secondly if you are a gestational diabetic, crack open the bubbly your sentence is finally over! Eat those chocolates, cakes and croissants you have been craving for the last nine months.

What Daddy needs to pack in his overnight hospital bag for the new baby.

Babies do not happen over night, neither are they born overnight. I was suprised on how stressful the labour process was on my husband. Men don’t really understand the baby is coming until the baby is here in their arms.

The hospital room was pretty lean on blankets, my husband barley had a sheet to cover him and not a pillow in sight. You could pack your new daddy a pillow for comfort or you can double up on a boppy pillow. I have linked the one I scored for less than $20 below. While boppy pillows are for nursing, I stole my sons all the time because its just sooooo comfy to sleep with. Daddy will also need at least one change of clothes. Snacks because no one likes anyone when they are hangry and if you have room a blankie.

Remember daddy might not be going home for a good 48 hours or longer. With our son Harrison he was in the NICU for an extra night with jaundice. So those spare set of clothes really helped!

Taking your baby home!

Car seat. Make sure you get this installed before the birth, especially if you are a first time parent. My husband struggled getting the car seat in. Lucky I had an experienced mumma visitor that was able to install it. The nurses are not allowed to help you and you can not take your baby home without it being installed. It was a stressful situtation so get it installed a few weeks before you are due to avoid undue stressful situations.

We opted for a Greyco system. It’s affordable, reliable and it all interconnects which is amazing.

Now that baby number two is on the way we can connect both car seats into the second stroller. So we only upgrade on the base. I have linked the details below for those mummas who are looking to start a growing family.

It has saved us so much money!

I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and I am packing my hospital bag for baby Harper. When did you pack your hospital bag?

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