what to expect on your first aerial class

I still remember to this day staring across the yoga studio floor at the girls dressed up smiling and having fun on the flying trapeze. I would think to myself I wish I could do that. From that day forth I think it took about a year for me to get the courage to walk in and ask about their classes. Crazy right?

I was in good shape I always have been but this was very intimidating to me. I had put everyone on a pedestal that enters that venue. I mean how else do they achieve these large feats in the air? They had to be superhuman right? I even dragged three friends with me to watch my pre thought out demise.

Over two years later I couldn’t tell you how wrong I was. Being an instructor I know what ever level you are at physically I can get you in a pose or trick safely. Everybody can do something when it comes to aerial arts.

So you may be wondering what to expect on at your first aerial class?

First and foremost you should expect to have fun!

Your class will be fun and challenging. There will be plenty of breaks during your class. Its not like a traditional yoga or exercise class where you flow all the way through. The body can fatigue fast so lots of rests in between sets and new tricks are good when you are just starting out at building your endurance. You build friendships and team mates as you work together to achieve common goals.

What to expect on your first aerial classWhat to expect from your first aerial class

What should I bring?

You should wear tight leggings all the way do the ankle. I wore capris once, I now have a burn mark on my lower calf that has stayed from the fabric burn. T shirts with a sleeve is good for when you progress into drops. Rope burn under the old arm pit feels terrible. Just think about all the showering and sweating on it eeep. Keep a pair of socks or leg warmers in your gym back just incase your teacher get evil on you and wants to do ankle training. All of these things would not happen in a first class but it is good to have for first habits. Make sure you have room in your phone to take some fabulous pictures of you in poses you had no idea you could do today! Your mates will be impressed. Big bottle of water is essential!

What would you like to know about?

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